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Proprietary (19.5%P, 17.5%N) New substance (REACh registered in Europe, TSCA listed in USA). Please contact us for current regulatory status in other regions

  • Extremely strong FR effect
  • Fine white powder
  • Thermally stable up to 200 - 210ºC
AFLAMMIT® PCO 900 (ex TL 1260F)

Proprietary (24%P)

  • Potential for fibres, yarns, stretched films and other special applications
  • High effective FR
  • Very fine powder
  • Melting point approx. 245ºC allows filler-free systems
  • Suitable for processing up to 270-280ºC
AFLAMMIT® PCO 960 (ex TL 1260)

Proprietary (24%P)

  • Non micronised version of AFLAMMIT® PCO 900

Building on more than 30 years of expertise in phosphorus chemistry, Acti-Chem, in close cooperation with industrial partners, has developed a unique flame retardant, marketed as AFLAMMIT® PCO 700 (new substance).

These have been extensively tested in polyolefin films (mainly polyethylene or polypropylene) and have proven to impart several benefits, allowing for the first time the production of halogen-free films capable of meeting the most demanding fire tests at any thickness, (such as the French M1, the German B1 or UK’s LPS 1207), while retaining transparency and excellent mechanical properties.

Ongoing evaluations also demonstrate positive results for use in films based on other polymers, as well as in special applications like polyolefin based woven or non-woven articles. They also show some potential use in thicker polyolefin articles to pass specific fire tests (e.g. those based on radiant panels), in which alternative halogen-free technologies, such as intumescent blends, are handicapped.

When combined with a specific nitrogen donor (patent granted), they offer a unique performance, even surpassing that of traditional bromine/antimony systems, thus allowing a high level of fire safety at a lower dosage.

Acti-Chem Flame Retardants

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